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Electronic Theatre Controls Inc

Fixture Personalities for Life Threatening Devices in EchoTouch and EchoTouch Offline

ETC policy is that we do not create/provide fixture definitions for our controls products (entertainment/architectural) for devices that would be classified as pyrotechnics or could be dangerous to show personnel/audience members (where best practices require life-safety overrides, for example). While the boundary of what might be considered dangerous may be fuzzy, ETC will always err on the side of safety in these cases.

There is nothing that stops a user from creating their own profile or using one of our external triggering methods to interface with pyrotechnics/special effects or similar devices. ETC will not provide pre-built profiles for items that could be considered as such.

Product families affected: ETC Eos, ETC Cobalt, ETC ColorSource, ETC SmartFade, HES Hog 4, ETC Paradigm, ETC Echo, ETC Mosaic


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