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Electronic Theatre Controls Inc

Magnets Coming Off of EchoTouch


The magnets that secure my Echo Inspire Station or EchoTouch have come off.

Description/Explanation of Issue

This is an issue with the magnets not bonding well with their adhesive. 

Inspire Stations originally had black powder-coated magnets. We found that this coating caused an issue with adhesion, sticking to the glue and coming off of the magnet so the magnet was no longer adhered. In May of 2020, these were swapped out for silver non-coated magnets and a new glue was implemented, which has largely resolved the issue.

EchoTouch stations have always used silver magnets, but have also had bonding issues. As of March 2021, ETC has taken several extra steps in the building process to allow for better adhesion, including larger amounts of glue, longer bonding time, and shipping items separately so that the magnet does not get pulled out in shipping.


  1. Re-attach the magnets using Loctite super glue or contact ETC Technical Services.





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