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How to change contrast on a Echo Architectural Control Processor (E-ACP)


The display on my Paradigm Architectural Control Processor (P-ACP), or Echo Architectural Control Processor (E-ACP) is either really light or really dark, making it difficult to read the information on the LCD.

Explanation of Issue & Solutions

The contrast of the display likely got accidentally changed. Fortunately it's easy to fix by following the instructions below:

  1. Make sure you're on the home screen. If you're in a menu press the back (<) button until you're there.
  2. Press and hold the back (<) button. While holding swipe right or left on the scroll wheel around the check mark to adjust the contrast up or down until the display is easy to read.
  3. Release the back (<) button when completed.

There is nothing else required to save the setting. It's a persistent hardware value that automatically remembers the last setting.


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