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Electronic Theatre Controls Inc

E-ACP will not power on


E-ACP will not power on. No LED indicators or power to the LCD.


  1. Remove the top chassis metal, remove the two screws located on the top side of the back of the E-ACP.  Check the fuse (F2) on the 24v line inside the E-ACP. If the fuse is blown, replace with the spare fuse which is labeled "Spare" on the PCB.
  2. Ensure that the dimming engine in the DRd is receiving power and active.  Flipping the test switch on the dimming engine should drive the dimmers in the rack to full.  If not, the dimming engine will need to come to the factory for repair.
  3. If the dimming engine is working and the fuse is intact, the E-ACP will need to come to the factory for repair.
  4. ETC Part Number for the Fuse: F9012-F,  you will have to remove it form the fuse holder.