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Circuits Stuck On: ERP-FT ONLY


- Circuits on the Echo Relay Feedthrough Panel (ERP-FT) mysteriously stick on and appear as “Set Level” data.

Description/Explanation of Issue

This is caused by a software bug that causes the relay state to be misinterpreted as a set level value and sticks in that state. Pressing the “light bulb” button and choosing “Release Set Levels” will clear them. This occurs most often when large numbers of relays are switching on/off together, or when the control circuit voltage is lower than expected. This bug is present in ERP-FT panels only.


  1. Check that the incoming control power voltage is connected to the correct tap on the input transformer of the ERP-FT (120v or 277v). Control power should be 120-277v (+/-15%).
    • This is the white terminal block found behind the top cover of the panel to the left of the transformer. Contact ETC technical services if you have questions about this procedure
  2. Disable “Allow Manual”. To do so, go to “Switching Setup” and then “Output Setup” for the problematic circuits.
  3. Increase “Relay Delay”. To do so, go to “Switching Setup” and then “Switching Options”.

This bug is present in v3.0.1 and possible earlier versions of software as well. There will be a more permanent solution to this problem in a future software release.

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