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Control of 2-pole relay circuits in Echo Relay Panel Feedthrough


I have 2-pole relays in my rack. Can I control the circuits they jointly serve individually? I.E. circuit 1 and 3 use a 2-pole breaker. Can I control 1 and 3 individually?


If 2 circuits share a 2-pole relay, they will be controlled together. If you need individual control, you will want 1-pole relays or can temporarily switch one relay to the off position (you will need to have 'allow manual' enabled in the menu).


CAUTION: Be aware the 2 pole relays/breakers are used for loads that require two phases of hot power, such as 208v or 240v circuits.  They are linked together for Electrical safety purposes and should remain controlled together.  1 pole relays are to be used if the 2 circuits in question are 2 separate circuits wire to 2 separate loads.   


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