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How to configure an ERP Mains Feed Contact Input option card with a toggle action


I have a Contact Input option card for my Echo Relay Panel Mains Feed (ERP), Echo Relay Panel Feedthrough (ERP-FT), SensorIQ, or EchoDIN product, along with a momentary button, and I'd like to set it up with a toggle action, so one push of the button will turn a preset on, and a second push of the button turns the preset off. Is this possible?

Explanation of Issue

Unfortunately this is not actually possible using the Contact Input option card. While a contact can be configured for momentary operation, the closed/open actions on the Echo Power Control Processor can only be configured for discrete actions, like Preset Activate and Off. With a momentary button this results in activating a preset when pushing the button, but playing Off (or another defined action) as soon as the button is released. This is not ideal, so several alternate solutions are provided below.


  • Use a maintained button/switch instead
  • Purchase an Echo Contact Input Interface, which can be configured to toggle actions using EchoAccess, and connects to your power control product using EchoConnect.
  • Purchase an Echo Station (either Preset or Inspire), which can also be configured for toggle actions using EchoAccess.


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