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Is it possible to run a second Echo Relay Panel Mains Feed off of the first one


I would like to install a second ERP-Mains Feed panel on a site that already has one installed.
While doing so, I would like to run power from the existing panel into the second one.
In the Datasheet for the ERP, it describes the following under the Electrical section on Page 2: erp.png

"Branch breaker panel supports three-phase and bi-phase subfeed of a second panel up to 100 A"


It is possible to run a second panel off of the first by doing the following:

  1. Install a 3-Pole 100 Amp Breaker in the spare right spot of the ERP
  2. Run this feed over to your new second panel to power it

Because you will be feeding the panel with only a 100A non-magnetic driven breaker, you will only be operating at 80% capacity. Keep in mind this will lower the amount of loads you will be able to run off the second panel.

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