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Presets Activated from Echo Power Control Processor (E-PCP) v3.1.0 Fade Too Fast on Other Echo Equipment


When activating a preset from the Echo Power Control Processor (E-PCP) or the WebUI running software v3.1.0, the preset runs faster than it should.


This is a software bug that ETC has discovered in this version of software.  The issue is that the preset will run at the correct time on the processor that it is activated.  However, it will send the wrong timing to other processors, exactly 1/10th of the correct time.  Example: if a preset is activated on the E-PCP with a 20 second fade time, that particular panel will fade in 20 seconds, but other panels will respond in 2 seconds.  

***This is NOT a problem when running presets from Echo button stations, responsive controls, Echo Timeclock, or EchoAccess Mobile App.  The issue only occurs when the preset is fired from the E-PCP or the E-ACP processors. 



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