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Setting 0-10v Outputs to Always On in Echo Relay Panel


If I set an output with 0-10v dimming to 'Always On' mode, how will it react? Can I still dim? 


Yes, the 0-10v dimming will still fade the level of the lights.  The 'Always On' mode will only affect the relay itself so that at a level of 0% the relay stays on.  This is useful for 0-10v fixtures that dim all the way out at 1% and do not require the relay to switch off.

If you wish to have a 0-10v fixture that is always on and does not dim, set the output to 'Always On' and remove the 0-10v control lines from the 0-10v option card and cap them with appropriate wire caps. 

NOTE: Do not cap them together, but separately.


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