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Why can't I discover my Echo Relay Panel Mains Feed (ERP) in Net3 Concert?


I'm trying to discover my Echo Relay Panel Mains Feed (ERP), Echo Relay Panel FeedThrough (ERP-FT), or SensorIQ in Net3 Concert but it will not show up. What do I troubleshoot?

Explanation of Issue

This most likely has to do with the versions of firmware and software you're using. Echo Power Control Processor (PCP) firmware v3.0.1 allowed Net3 Concert 3.0.0 or higher to configure these racks, however, you must manually add the ERP device, and manually enter the corresponding IP address to retrieve/send a configuration.

PCP Mk1 firmware v3.1.0 added in ACN discovery, and allows Net3 Concert 4.0.0 or higher to discover the racks on the network, provided both are in the same IP range.

PCP Mk2 firmware 4.1.0  added the ability to interface with Concert 4.4.0 or higher.

ERP, ERP-FT, or SensorIQ racks that are not on the network are not configurable in Concert.


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