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All Echo Room Controller Zones Stuck in Space One


This Article does not apply to the Echo Room Controller-Gen 1 (ERMC4 or ERMC8) product.  This article only applies to the second generation of the Echo Room Controller (ERMC4-G2 of ERMC8-G2) 


No matter what I set the Space dial selector to, the Echo Room Controller (ERMC-G2) only responds to Space 1. EchoAccess Mobile App continues to report that it is in Space 1.


Most likely, the Echo Room Controller is set to Custom mode.  Custom mode ignores the Space and Zone dial selectors and instead goes by the custom configuration set in the EchoAccess Mobile App.  This configuration defaults to Space 1 for all zones and Zone1, following sequentially.


  1. Locate the yellow Basic/Custom slide switch just above the Space dial selector
  2. Set the slide switch to Basic Mode


  1. Open the EchoAccess Mobile App and navigate to the Configuration Menu
  2. Select the Echo Room Controller
  3. Configure Space and Zone for each circuit as appropriate for the system.

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