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EchoAccess Cannot Reconfigure Echo Room Controller


EchoAccess can see 4 or 8 Zone Room Controller - Gen 2 in Configuration tab, but the configuration pages for the unit are blank.


The Room Controller has a yellow toggle switch that puts it in either Basic or Custom mode.

When in Basic mode, the Room Controller reads the default or manually set configurations.

When in Custom mode, the Room Controller reads the configuration set by the EchoAccess app.

Steps to Solution

To have the ERMC listen to EchoAccess, set the toggle switch to Custom.

If still showing a blank page in the EchoAccess Mobile App, ensure your EchoAccess Interface is running the latest firmware version. 

You can update the EchoAccess Interface with a microSD card.  The latest firmware file can be downloaded from UpdaterAtor. Please see the Release Notes at the link below for instructions on updating the firmware.


NOTE: The configuration pages should be available with the Echo Room Controller in either Basic or Custom mode, but the settings there will not take place unless the switch is in Custom Mode.  If any of the configuration pages are blank, confirm the EchoAccess Interface Firmware version is up to date.

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