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ETC Products with Isolated 0-10Vdc Components

In lighting situations that calls for both high-voltage power and low-voltage control wiring, it is important to isolate these runs and avoid high-voltage leakage onto low-voltage lines. While it is not a failsafe or a first line of defense, and you should always meter 0-10Vdc lines to verify 0Vac, ETC has produced several products over time with built-in isolation for the 0-10v components in an attempt to protect the equipment from small leakage levels.   For further details refer to  AC Voltage on 0-10v Lines article.

Additionally, ETC has revised some existing boards to include isolation for small leakage levels, using a new part number for the revised boards.


Isolating control electronics from ground does NOT protect personnel from potential harm from high voltage current on 0-10Vdc wiring.

These products are intended for use with 0-10Vdc drivers that are fully isolated. Damage caused by non-isolated drivers is the responsibility of the installing contractor and is not covered by the ETC warranty of these products.

Isolated products:

  • 0-10v Isolation kits for Gen 1 Echo Room Controllers
    • 4-Zone Kit: 7187K1004
    • 8-Zone Kit: 7187K1008
  • All Unison Foundry 0-10v Power Products
    • Dual Zone 0-10v Dimming Controller (UFR2-LV)
    • 4-Zone Mini Panel (UFMP4)
    • 8-Zone Mini Panel (UFMP8)
  • All Gen 2 Echo 0-10v Power Control Products (Released April 2018)
    • 1-Zone 0-10v Controller (ELD-G2)
    • 2-Zone 0-10v Controller (EDLD-G2)
    • 1-Zone SmartSpace Controller (ESSC-G2)
    • 2-Zone SmartSpace Controller (EDSSC-G2)
    • 4-Zone Room Controller (ERMC4-G2, ERMCT4-G2)
    • 8-Zone Room Controller (ERMC8-G2, ERMCT8-G2)
  • DRd 0-10v option cards*
    • Universal MK2 0-10 board 7180B5663 and should be purchased as Kit DRd 7183A1169 (Released November 2023)
    • Isolated PN: 7180B5649 (Released August 2017)
    • Non-isolated PNs: 7180B5612, 7180B5644
  • Echo Relay Panel Feedthrough (ERP-FT), EchoDIN, Sensor IQ Panel (SIQ)*
    • Universal MK2 0-10 board  (Released November 2023)
    • Isolated PN: 7123B5736 (Released January 2018)
    • Non-isolated PN: 7123B5713
  • Echo Relay Panel Mains Feed (ERP)*
    • Universal MK2 0-10 board  7180B5763 and should be purchased as Kit ERP Mains 7123K1216 (Released November 2023)
    • Isolated PN: 7123B5636  (Released January 2018)
    • Non-isolated PN: 7123B5613
  • Sensor IQ Pannel 
    • Universal MK2 0-10 board7180B5863 is used in the Sensor IQ, Kit IQ  7123K1203 (Released November 2023)
    • Isolated PN:  7123B5736  (Released January 2018)
    • Non-isolated PN:  7123B5613
  • EchoDin  part number is 7123A2213. W/ Universal MK2 0-10 board7180B5863 (Released November 2023)
  • Response 0-10V Gateway
    • Isolated PN: 4267A1102 (sink only, no source - Released August 2019)
    • Non-isolated PN: 4267A1002

Products with an asterisk* next to them indicate that ETC created an isolated version after initially developing the equipment. To determine if your equipment has the isolated components, please reference the part numbers as listed.


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