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Echo Room Controller Demand Response Contact Input

The Echo Room Controller includes a contact input terminal for Demand Response. Demand Response limits the maximum 0-10v level of each output to the configured level set at the Demand Response rotary fader. There is one rotary fader for each 0-10v output on the Echo Room Controller, so each output can be set to a different Demand Response level. The rotary faders can be adjusted with a flat head precision screwdriver.

The Echo Room Controller Demand Response input requires a normally open dry contact closure. When this contact is closed, it will activate the Demand Response rotary faders and apply the set limits. When the contact is open, the set limits do not apply. You can also set the rotary fader to 0, which will turn the relay off when Demand Response is active. The Echo Room Controller ships with Demand Response set at 50%. If Demand Response is active (contact closed), the Demand Response LED indicator will be lit green. This indicator is found near the blue Power indicator at the bottom of the Echo Room Controller control card.  On the Echo Room Controller-Gen 2 product, this indicator is found near the blue Power indicator just under the EchoConnect and Aux connector. 

In the Echo Room Controller-Gen 2 products, closing the the Demand Response contact will not only set the Echo Room Controller into Demand Response, but will also broadcast the Demand Response command onto the EchoConnect bus to other products.  Echo products manufactured as of April 12, 2018 are capable of responding to the Demand Response command.

If you have any questions about Demand Response or how to use it, please contact ETC Technical Services.

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