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Echo TimeClock Does Not Power On


When the Echo Room Controller powers up, the included Echo Timeclock does not.  The screen stays blank and does not power on.  


This is an indication that it is not getting correct power on the 24VDC line.  This is the red and black wires coming off of the Echo Room controller board. 


  1. Verify that both the black and red wires are fully seated into their connectors on both ends.
  2. Meter the output of the Aux terminal on the Echo Room Controller.  You should be getting 24VDC between black and red.  
  3. Confirm on both ends that the black and red wires are in the correct orientation.  Black is (-); Red is (+). 
    1. On the TimeClock side, if looking at the back, the black wire (-) should be on the left and the red wire (+) on the right.  See image below.

      Echo Timeclock Aux wiring.JPG

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