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Echo Room Controller TimeClock Just Says "Echo TimeClock" and Version Number


The Echo TimeClock on my Echo Room Controller will not boot past it saying "Echo TimeClock" and and showing its version number.


Explanation of Issue

The Echo TimeClock remains on this screen when it is receiving 24vDC Aux power but is not connected to or not powered by the EchoConnect bus.

The Unison Echo Room Controller can be ordered with or without the Echo Astronomical TimeClock built into the front cover. If included, the Echo TimeClock will be pre-wired to the station power supply header on the Echo Room Controller, providing it with both EchoConnect and Auxiliary power.

However, the Echo Room Controller normally ships with the station power switch in the OFF position. Without Station Power enabled, the Echo TimeClock will not fully boot.


There can only be one source of station power in an Echo system. If there is another device that is supposed to be providing station power for your system, do not enable station power on your room controller.

Steps to Resolve

  1. Identify which generation of Echo Room Controller you are working with. ERMC Gen 1 will have the Echo Room Controller logo etched directly into the metal. ERMC Gen 2's logo will be on a label mounted onto the cover and say "Emergency Circuits" in a red box.
ERMC Gen 1 Front Cover ERMC Gen 2 Front Cover
clipboard_e615deaf0ed9459f9bc21fbe0d82cb5c1.png clipboard_ef73cf888ea338b56f1231730320e24b4.png
  1. Remove the front cover from your ERMC
  2. Enable Station Power on your ERMC. Slide the Station Power switch (called out below) to the on position.
  3. Power cycle your ERMC.
ERMC Gen 1 Station Power ERMC Gen 2 Station Power
clipboard_e7805f0aea4a7f2d503b44817a812038c.png clipboard_e501be20f2507a92cdff21489941b1325.png