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Echo DINrail Station Power Supply Fault Light


The Fault LED indicator is lit on my Echo DINrail Mount Station Power Supply (E-SPS-DIN).


The Fault Indicator will illuminate if the + (positive) or - (negative) is shorted to ground or each other, effectively stopping communication. This could be caused by a faulty device on the wire, or by a short on the wire itself.


  1. Start by unplugging the green 'Echo Station Bus' header from the Station Power supply. Use a voltmeter set to DC voltage to meter across the positive (pin 1) and negative (pin 2) on the Station Power supply (see image below). A measurement of +/- 23VDC between the conductors indicates a functioning power supply. NOTE: All voltage readings +/- 10% from stated values are acceptable.
  2. If the Station Power supply is not the issue, plug green 'Echo Station Bus' head back into it and remove one device from the EchoConnect bus at a time until the Fault indicator goes out.
  3. If removal of devices does not clear the fault, the wire should be inspected by a certified electrician.


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