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Echo DINrail Station Power Supply Wiring

The Echo DINrail Station Power Supply (E-SPS-DIN) comes in two pieces.  (see image below)

  1. A Delta brand AC-to-DC power converter that is black with a white and blue label. (on the right of the image; circled in green)
  2. The EchoConnect Station Power Supply that is solid black with the Echo logo on the front.  (on the left of the image; circled in blue)

E-SPS-DIN image.bmp

The EchoConnect Station Power Supply box has two headers on the front, a black DC POWER INPUT header at the top, and a green STATION POWER OUTPUT header at the bottom.  

  • The black DC POWER INPUT header should be fed with 24vdc from the Delta brand AC-to-DC power converter.  This powers the Echoconnect Station Power Supply box.  This 24vdc can also be tapped into to supply the additional 24vdc Aux voltage that is required by several, but not all, Echo products.  
  • The green STATION POWER OUTPUT header supplies the EchoConnect Station power/data protocol that is required by every Echo product for communication.  This header should be wired to any Echo stations or sensors, or any header on an Echo product that is labeled "EchoConnect" or "Station".

The following image shows an example of how to wire the power supply with an Echo unit, specifically an Echo DMX Scene Controller:

Echo Dinmount PS Wiring Chart.jpg

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