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Echo Stations Not Working with Sensor3


My Echo Stations are wired to the Sensor3 Rack. They are/are not receiving power, and none of the buttons are doing anything.  


There are a few different situations that could cause this to happen.  For Example, the stations, or the zones in the Sensor3 Rack, could be set to the wrong Echo Space.  You could have a wiring issue.  Or it could be a compatibility issue. To check for these things, please see the steps below.


Most CEM3 backplanes shipped since December 2021 do not have an Echo communication chip. The Station Bus terminals on the backplane will have a 'NO STATION BUS' label affixed to them to prevent landing Echo bus wires on the backplane.


  1. Check the Space dial on the back of your stations to confirm they are set to the correct Echo Space(s). Likewise, check "Setup > Circuit Assignment > Edit Circuit Layout" on the CEM3 to confirm your circuits are assigned to the correct Echo Space(s).
  2. Verify Station Power is set to ON in the "Setup > Rack" menu.
  3. Verify the Station wiring is correct.  there should be no crossing of the + and -.
  4. If all of the above checks out, please contact your Favorite ETC Dealer or call ETC Technical Support



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