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Echo TimeClock stuck on splash screen on boot


Upon powering up and booting an Echo TimeClock, the display stays on the splash screen with the Echo logo and product version number (see image below). What is wrong and how do I fix it?


Explanation of Issue & Solution

This occurs when the TimeClock is unable to communicate with other devices on the Echo bus. It will only fully boot and be operable if proper communication exists. There are multiple reasons this could happen. Below are several things to check, in no particular order:

  • Confirm the Echo bus is connected. This typically is a black/white pair of wires
  • Confirm that the Echo bus wires (black/white) have not been swapped with the aux power (black/red) wires
    • NOTE: These are nominally the same voltage, so damage typically does not occur as a result of swapping them
  • Confirm that the Echo Station Power Supply is energized and is supplying the correct voltage (~22.5 to 24vdc)
  • Confirm that Echo host devices (i.e. output devices) exist on the Echo bus. If there are none the TimeClock has nothing to communicate with
  • If there are multiple Echo TimeClocks connected to the same Echo system, disconnect all but one. There should only be ONE TimeClock in a single Echo system.
    • If the problem persists after checking the other items above and there are multiple TimeClocks in different systems, try swapping hardware and seeing if other TimeClocks have the same behavior in the problem spot and if the problem unit works in another spot.

If any of the problems above are discovered it's recommended to fully power cycle the device, leaving it powered off for 30 seconds to completely de-energize the components. If everything above appears to be correct and the issue persists contact ETC Technical Services for further instruction.

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