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Why can't I disable remote record on my 5-button or 10-button Echo preset stations?


If you press and hold on any of the preset buttons on my Echo preset stations, the preset is overwritten. I've already turned off Remote Record in my Echo Relay Panel, but the stations still overwrite my presets when I press and hold.

Explanation of Issue

Remote Record is the ability to record presets directly from your button stations. Certain Echo devices require Remote Record in order to work correctly, and as a result, it is not possible to disable that functionality. For a full list of those devices, please see the link below.

If your Echo system contains a fixed Remote Record device (e.g. a DMX Scene Controller or Echo Room Controller), it will not be possible to turn off the record functionality on your 5-button or 10-button preset stations.

This issue will only occur with Echo Preset stations, which have built-in press-and-hold record functionality. Echo Inspire stations don't offer a press-and-hold record action, so remote recording is less of an issue.

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