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Why can't I disable remote record on my 5-button or 10-button Echo preset stations?


Echo Preset Stations (5-button and 10-button) mimic the default recording ability of SmartLink Preset stations - to re-record a preset, press and hold a button for three seconds, and the current "look" will be recorded. This setting overrides turning off Remote Record in Echo Relay Panels and other power controllers.

In some systems, this "remote record" capability is not desirable.  For instance, a user might accidentally lean against a station and re-record the lights, or they might hold a button too long while trying to activate lights, and accidentally re-record them instead.

Explanation of Issue

Remote Record is the ability to record presets directly from your button stations. Certain Echo devices such as the Echo DMX Scene Controller require Remote Record in order to work correctly.

This issue will only occur with Echo Preset stations, which have built-in press-and-hold record functionality.


Echo Inspire stations do not initiate a Record action by Push and Hold of a button.  Instead, they have a dedicated Record button located under the faceplate.  Reference the Echo Station Installation Manual for more details.

Echo Preset Stations with firmware v3.0.0+ can be set in Custom mode using Dipswitch 2.  Then, using EchoAccess, the Push and Hold Action can be set to "No Function":

Note that Echo Preset Stations below Firmware v3.0.0 may display in the EchoAccess Configuration menu, but cannot be configured.  There is no way to disable Push and Hold to Record on those stations.

If your Echo system contains a fixed Remote Record device (e.g. a DMX Scene Controller or Echo Room Controller), it will not be possible to turn off the record functionality on your 5-button or 10-button preset stations.

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