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Android 10 Devices Not Communicating with EchoAccess Bluetooth Interface


Device running Android 10 OS will not connect to EchoAccess Bluetooth Interface in the EchoAccess Application.

Description/Explanation of Issue

Android 10 OS has been found to have issues with Bluetooth connectivity. We have seen some Android 10 devices connect to the EchoAccess Bluetooth Interface and others not. At this point we are still investigating why some will connect while others will not, as well as if there is anything we can address on the EchoAccess side to resolve the issue.

Additionally, on Android devices the app must be granted location permission in order for Bluetooth to connect.  Please make sure this permission has been assigned.  This can be found in the Android device Settings>Apps & Notifications>Permission manager>Location.


For now, if your device will not connect, the workaround is to try other devices or downgrade yours if possible. The Echo Expansion Bridge also allows for connectivity to the EchoAccess app via a WAP(Wireless Access Point) or wireless router (which does not use Bluetooth).

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