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Updating EchoAccess Interface to the Newest Firmware Version

If you do not already have UpdaterAtor software, navigate to and download the UpdaterAtor Software Installer.Then run the installer on your PC computer.

Open UpdatorAtor and click on ‘Setup Versions’


Navigate to EchoAccess Interface If the "Version" column says "File Not Found" or shows a green UP Arrow, then the latest software will need to be downloaded.  Once downloaded select the download and click ‘Show in Explorer.” (See images below)


Copy the highlighted file and paste it to the root directory of a microSD card.         


Insert the microSD card into the slot on the side of the EchoAccess Interface press the RESET button on the back of the unit. The LEDs on the front of the interface will blink during the update process. If the current firmware is quite old the update can take 10-15 minutes, if the firmware is a bit newer it is much quicker. Once the blue power LED is solid you can remove the microSD card. There is no need to reboot the interface again.

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