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How To Unlock Your Echo Space Without EchoAccess or a Lockout Station


An Echo space has been locked out and I now have no control of my button stations. How can I unlock the space? 


If Echo Spaces have been locked out via EchoAccess in your system, and you do not have an Echo lockout station, you can unlock those Echo Spaces using EchoAccess with a Bluetooth station, or an Echo Expansion Bridge and Net3 Concert v4.0.1+.

If you are not able to use EchoAccess to unlock the space, you can reset the Echo system in order to return to an unlocked state.  You will need to power off all Echo output products which use those locked Echo Spaces, then power them all back on, in order to restore to the default, unlocked state.


CAUTION: Cycling power to your Echo output products may cause your lights to unexpectedly go out.  Please be aware of this and notify appropriate personnel if applicable.

Unison Echo Quick Info Guide [CLICK HERE] for a list of Echo output products. 


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