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0-10v Loads Are Not Dimming In My Sensor IQ Panel


Once 0-10v loads are terminated (connected) to the 0-10v option card in the Echo Relay Panel, Echo Relay Feedthrough Panel, Sensor IQ panel, of EchoDIN system, you have to change the Output mode from "Normal" to "Fluorescent" so that it knows to combine with the 0-10v option card for control.  Regardless of whether fluorescent fixtures or LED fixtures are being used, this is the correct setting for any 0-10v control.

Steps to Solution

  1. Press the (checkmark) button on the Panel's User Interface/Processor
  2. Navigate to Switching Setup, press (checkmark). 
  3. Navigate to Output Setup, press (checkmark).
  4. Select the Output that needs changing, using the up or down arrows, or by typing in the number on the keypad.
  5. Change the Mode to "Fluorescent". 


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