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Breakers Tripped Error on Echo Relay Panel and SensorIQ


The information in this post is provided to assist in troubleshooting. Perform work at your own risk. ENSURE ANY POWER FROM DEVICES HAS BEEN DISCONNECTED BEFORE SERVICING ANY EQUIPMENT. If you do not feel comfortable performing the work, please contact us or your local service center. Be aware that ETC and its Affiliates are not responsible for any damage or injury caused by service of our products by anyone other than us or our authorized service providers, and such damage is excluded from the product’s warranty.


My Echo Relay Panel Mains Feed or SensorIQ has a "Breakers Tripped" error. How do I clear it?

Explanation of Issue

The “Breakers Tripped” Error is a commonly seen error on the Echo Relay Panel and the SensorIQ Products. This error, while seeming fairly straightforward, means the relay is not receiving voltage from the breaker.


The solution is slightly different for each product. Refer to the sections below for the product info:

Echo Relay Panel Mains Feed

  1. Verify the breaker(s) is not tripped.
  2. Reset or cycle power to the rack.
  3. Verify the fuse on the Relay circuit board is not blown or missing.
  4. Verify the Neutral Crimp flag is fully seated on the Relay / Dimmer card.
  5. Verify that the power input and load wires are in the correct spot (Stenciled on PCB "IN" (from breaker) "Out" (To Load)).
    1. On the left (odd) side the input wire is on the top and load is on the bottom
    2. On the right (even) side the input wire is on the bottom and the load is on the top

6. With the Mains feed breakered off, move the Relay or Dimmer Circuit card to a different location.



The SensorIQ combines the breaker and relay into one part.

Things to check on this product include:

  1. Verify the breaker(s) is not tripped.
  2. Reset or power cycle the rack.
  3. With the Mains feed breakered off, verify the breaker is not bad by swapping with a known-working breaker.

If you have any questions about this information, or if the error persists after verifying the above information, please contact ETC Technical Services.

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