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How To Control Relays 25 Thru 48 with a Sensor IQ 0-10v Option Card


I have one 0-10v option card for my Sensor IQ rack, but all of my fluorescent relays are on the lower half of the rack (circuits 25 thru 48). I understand that the 0-10v circuit number and the relay number must match, so how do I connect circuits 1 thru 24 on the 0-10v option card to relays 25 thru 48?


  1. Connect the 0-10v Option Card to header J4 (Option 2) on the I/O Assembly
  2. Push the S1 switch (Secondary/Primary) upwards to enable
  3. Power cycle the rack.
  4. The 0-10v Option Card will now control the lower half of the rack. 
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