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How to Save a Configuration from a Sensor IQ Panel


These steps will walk you through how to save a configuration from your panel using the USB port and UI menu.

  1. Insert a USB storage device in the USB port on the front left side of the Power Control Processor user interface.
  2. Press [Enter] to access the main menu.
  3. Scroll to “File Operations” and press [Enter] to select. The “File Operations” menu displays.
  4. Use the [Up] or [Down] buttons to scroll to and select “Save Configuration” and press [Enter].
  5. Press [Enter] and use the [Up] or [Down] buttons to select a name and press [Enter] to confirm. Configuration files are named “Echo#.CFG” (the # could be any number from 1–16).
  6. Use the [Up] or [Down] buttons to scroll to and select “Save to USB Key” and press [Enter]. The configuration is now saved using the file name selected.


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