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How to Set DMX and sACN Address on Sensor IQ


If there is need to change or set the DMX or sACN address on your ETC Relay panel.  It is important that you save a copy of the configuration to a USB drive first.  This should always be done before any editing of any information in the configuration. 

  1. Insert USB key into USB slot to the left of the LCD screen.
  2. Press the Check Mark (√) to enter the menu.
  3. Navigate to "File Operations and press Check Mark.
  4. Choose "Save Configuration". Press Check Mark
  5. Set File name and choose "Save to USB key". Press Check Mark

Once the configuration has been saved to the USB key, the address can be adjusted as needed.  

This is done by entering the menu, choosing "Switching Setup", then choosing "Patch DMX Input", "Patch sACN Input", or "Quick Rack Setup".

Please see the Power Control Processor Configuration Manual found here for more information about this process and these menus.


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