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Issues Discovering or Retrieving Configuration from SIQ via Net3 Concert or Web UI


I have having issues discovering or retrieving the configuration from my ERP, ERP-FT, or SIQ via Net3 Concert or the processor's Web UI.

Description/Explanation of Issue

You will first need to make sure you are running the appropriate version of both Concert and the processor firmware in order to have access to this feature. For more information, see Why can't I discover my ERP, ERP-FT, or SensorIQ in Net3 Concert?

Unfortunately, a bug was found in E-PCP firmware version 3.1.0 that causes issues with this communication, especially configuration retrieval. As of March 15, 2019 we are still currently working on a fix and will release a new version that resolves the issue as soon as possible.


  1. While still running version 3.1.0, you can temporarily resolve the issue by power cycling the rack. This is not a permanent fix.
  2. Once we release the new version of firmware, you can contact ETC Technical Services for a copy of the firmware to load into the rack via USB.


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