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SensorIQ Relay isn't controllable through sACN, DMX, Arch, or Set Levels


I have a SensorIQ with one circuit that isn't controllable through sACN, DMX, Echo architectural, or set levels on the rack. The relay is either stuck on or off, and can only be controlled by moving the breaker on or off. What should I look at to solve this?

Explanation of Issue & Solution

There are multiple reasons why this could happen. Check the steps below for possible causes:

  1. Verify the breaker is a "smart" breaker (black) and not a "dumb" breaker (blue). The blue breakers are a standard breaker, and have no relay built into them. Therefore they are not controllable through any of the methods described above.
  2. Navigate to Main Menu > Switching Setup > Output Setup > select the circuit # to verify that a relay type is defined, and that the space/zone, and addressing is defined. If all looks correct move to step 3.
  3. Navigate to Main Menu > About > About Output, and check whether the contact states Open or Closed, and what the control level is.
    1. Open = Relay Off and Closed = Relay On. If it says Closed, but the control level says 0%, there is likely a physical issue.
  4. Power off the rack, and have a licensed electrician swap the faulty relay with a known functional relay. If the problem travels with the relay, then the relay is the issue. If the problem stays in the original slot it's possible the signal distribution card could be the issue. If the problem goes away entirely it is likely the relay wasn't seated properly in the original slot, and there is no no problem anymore.
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