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How To Wire A Fire Alarm Contact To A Unison Dimming Rack


This is not UL listed and will not be approved by local code if adhering to UL Emergency Lighting standards.


I would like to use my fire alarm system to trigger circuits to full in my DR rack. Where can I land my fire alarm contact?


On the right-hand side of the DR rack, a PCB with a header (J14) for "Emergency Option" may be used for a fire alarm contact. This requires a closed 5vdc signal to put the rack into Bypass mode. This header is actually intended for use with the Unison Emergency Bypass Option kit (7083A1030). Without that kit this method of connecting a fire alarm contact is not UL listed or officially supported by ETC.

The dip switches (S1, S2, and S3) may be used to configure which circuits turn on when the contact is activated. Dips that are in the ON position will force that circuit on when the contact is closed, while dips in the OFF position will force that circuit off when the contact is closed.




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