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How Does Unison Legacy Serial Access Protocol (USAP) Work?

Unison Serial Access Protocol is a communication protocol that allows a device capable of outputting RS-232 protocol to interface with a Unison Lighting Control System. Unison Serial Access Protocol is a “polled” system meaning that it accepts commands from a transmitter and provides status when queried.

The USAP Programming Guide (ETC P/N 7080M1011) describes the non-guaranteed (best effort) delivery subset of the Unison Serial Access Protocol. This protocol may be used to set and get properties of Unison objects. It is important to note that Electronic Theatre Controls will not provide any programming. Those wishing to control the Unison System via Unison Serial Access Protocol must write the necessary commands themselves.  They may wish to contact an ETC-Authorized Service Person to work with the Unison Configuration directly.  

Unison Serial Access Protocol is only available in systems using Unison operating code 1.5 and higher with an Architectural Processor (CME, CMEi, and CMEd).

There is also a test utility (USAPTest), which allows you to test and troubleshoot USAP commands.  The Quick Guide is available here.  The software is available by request from ETC Technical Services.  It is compatible with PC computers running Microsoft Windows XP, Windows 7, and Windows 8 in 32-bit modes.

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