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How to change brightness of a Unison LCD


The text on my Unison touch screen (U-LCD)  is unusually difficult to read. The screen looks overexposed/underexposed instead of its typical high-contrast. 

How can I fix this? 


There are adjustments for contrast and backlight for a U-LCD, however the degradation of contrast may indicate the failure of the LCD display due to age and environment.  If these adjustments cannot improve the readability of the graphics, the screen will need to be repaired or replaced. 


The display must be connected and bound to the system in order to do this adjustment because the parameters are stored in the processor. 

With the display in its normal operating mode, touch the upper left and lower right of the screen at the same time. 

This will reset values to default, and give you access to the contrast, backlight brightness, backlight dim level, and backlight dim delay adjustments.  It's important to note that lower numbers for contrast give higher contrast, and vice versa.  When finished with the adjustments, touch the upper left corner of the display to return to normal operating mode. 




If this adjustment doesn't give satisfactory results, contact your favorite ETC dealer to set up an RMA with ETC Technical Support. 

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