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Unison Legacy Button, Fader and Relay Stations Repairs

Problems Cure

LED's work when unbound but do not when bound

Reprogram Echelon Neuron IC or replace node PCB 7080B5041

Fader stations loosing function completely

U1 PAL 7080Z2011-1.0

Node board looks dead. (If working or powering up, a red LED should blink when node board is plugged in)

Check fileter L1. L1 may be open. If L1 has a red dot replace it with L9022-F per ECO 8542

Station will not bind, no red LED blink when plugged in

Replace and reprogram Echelon Neuron IC 70780Z2025-1.3 or PCB 7080B5041

Satellite boards flickering on output

Socket ICs U3 or U4

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