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Maintaining Your Unison DR or ER System

Figure 3: Removing a Unison DR or ER air filter

 Cleaning dimming rack air filters

Clean the filter on your dimmer cabinet every six months, more often if your system operates in a dusty environment.
image Caution: Phase voltages inside the rack can be deadly. Do not remove rack modules . Only qualified technicians should expose the inside of the dimming cabinet. The Unison dimmer rack carries only an IP00 protection rating when control or dimmer modules are removed.
  1. Open the dimmer rack door. The filter is mounted on the inside of the door, held in on the bottom by a metal clip.
  2. Slide the filter up about 1/2 inch until the filter base clears the top edge of the lip. Pull the base out far enough to clear the retaining lip and slide the filter down and out.
  3. Vacuum or blow dust out of the filter.

Note: You can wash the filter under clear tap water, but it must be completely dry before you reinstall it. Do not use soap or other chemicals to clean the filter.

  1. Slide the top of the filter back into the slot at the top of the door until the base clears the metal retaining lip on the bottom of the door.
image Note: When you clean the air filter, you should also check the dimmer air vents for dust. See "Vacuuming Dimming Racks" below.
  1. Let the filter drop back into place and close the door.

Vacuuming Dimming racks

You should inspect your dimming rack when you clean the air filter and vacuum the front of the dimmer modules if necessary.

  1. Open the door and look at the modules’ air vents. If dust is thick enough to hide the paint color, vacuum the front of the modules.
  2. Leave the modules inside the rack. Most dust collects on the dimmer choke vents and grills of the dimmer module.
  3. Use a narrow vacuum cleaner nozzle to vacuum dimmer module air vents. Do not push debris into the modules.
  4. Close the door.
    Figure 4: Vacuuming the Unison dimmer modules
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