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How do I find a Mosaic device on my network that has an unknown IP address?


I have a Mosaic device (an MSC2, for example) plugged into my network. It seems to be online, but it's not showing up in the Network tab of Mosaic Designer. How do I connect to it and configure it?


The likely cause of the problem is that the MSC2 has an IP address in a different range than that of your computer and/or the rest of your Mosaic system. The Mosaic Firmware Upgrade Tool (part of the Mosaic 2 software bundle) should display all Mosaic devices on the network, regardless of IP address or software version.


  1. Open Mosaic Firmware Upgrade Tool.
  2. Your Mosaic devices should populate. Those with incompatible software versions or IP addresses will be grayed out.
  3. Note the IP address of the device you're trying to connect to.
  4. Change the IP address scheme of your computer to be in the same range as the device, and reboot.
  5. Open Mosaic Designer, and configure the IP address of the device to be in the correct range.
  6. Change your computer's IP scheme back to the correct range, and reboot again.
  7. Reopen Mosaic Designer, and your device should now populate correctly in the Network tab.
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