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Is it possible to upload a Mosaic configuration via USB?


Is it possible to upload a configuration through any means that are not through the network?
For example, is it possible to push a configuration via a USB drive?


It is not possible to upload a configuration to a Mosaic controller from a USB drive.

MSC X, Atlas and MTPC configurations can only be loaded via the network, not via USB or any removable media.

MSC 1/2/4 configurations can be loaded via the network, or via a USB cable between your laptop and the USB-B port on the front of the controller - this method uses the USB-Ethernet bridge that was installed with Mosaic Designer, and presents in the Network tab in the same way as an Ethernet connection.

Uploading Via USB in Version 2

If you have a stand alone controller then you can still use a ethernet connection to upload without needing a switch but should you need to you can upload via USB following the instructions below.

  1. Make sure the controller is disconnected from the PC and All Designer software is closed.
  2. Run the USB to Ethernet bridge software – This will just a command prompt and then disappear
  3. Wait 1 minute – windows is a bit slow.
  4. Connect the controller via USB and windows should install the drivers – this may fail but you can ignore it.
  5. When drivers are installed or the window disappears you can then run designer.
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