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Electronic Theatre Controls Inc

MSC X and Mosaic Designer 2.0

MSC X Rev 2

In June of 2016 ETC released the new MSC X2 hardware.

This new MSCX has a minimum address count of 5120 (10 universes) and a maximum of 51200 (100 universes).The unit has also been resized from 2U to 1U of rack space. MSCX units will no longer have a capture card for video input built in. Instead this will be a field-installable accessory that can be purchased separately. The DMX In trigger port has been has also been removed. The new MSC features Digital video output using DVI and supports sACN, KiNet, Pathport, and Art-net.

The new MSC X will only be comptabile with Mosaic Desinger 1.12.0, Mosaic Designer 2.1 and above. Older genreation MSC X units are still able to upgraded and downgraded freely between Designer 1 and Designer 2 firmware.

New MSC X2 Front


New MSC X2 Rear


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