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MTPC or MTS Shows No Interface Set or No Interface Loaded


I've uploaded a Mosaic project and the MTPC/MTS is showing "No Interface Set"

Explanation of Issue

The "No Interface Set" message will appear when interface for the touch screen has not been chosen.


  1. To select an interface, one must exist within the Mosaic project.
    1. Interfaces can be created in the interface tab or imported via the import function found in the hamburger menu.
  2.  Once the interface has been created or imported, navigate to the Network Tab and select the touch device.
  3.  With the device selected, navigate the device property browser on the right hand side of the workspace and locate the section labeled "Screen"
  4. Using the interface dropdown select the screen interface you wish to use.  
    Screen Interface.png
  5. After the interface has been selected. Upload the project. The touch device should now display the appropriate configuration.
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