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Can I Retrieve A Project File From A Mosaic Version 1 Controller?


There is no way to download the controller's project file using the Web UI or the Mosaic Designer software.

If you had explicitly stored the file as an exported project (*.mde) on the controller's SD card you can retrieve it here. To do so, remove the card from the controller and plug it into your PC or use File Transfer in the Mosaic Designer network tab.

File Transfer

This feature allows you to use the Controller's memory card as a remote memory device for file storage and retrieval, typically the exported Designer project file to ensure that this remains on site with the installation for future maintenance. Note that files to be transferred in this way must adhere to the MS DOS 8.3 naming convention.

File transfer should not be confused with Upload.

To transfer files to and from a Controller's memory card:
  1. Select the Controller
  2. Press the File Transfer button on the Controller toolbar
  3. A file browser will open to allow you to move files to and from the Controller's card, the password will be required to gain access if one has been set
  4. Close the file browser to finish
Mac OS X users:

Pressing the File Transfer button in the Network pane will launch an FTP client on Mac OS X. By default, this client is Finder, and Finder doesn't allow write access to FTP servers. In order to send files to a Controller from Mac OS X, you will need to install another FTP client. We recommend Cyberduck ( which is free.

When you first run Cyberduck, you should be prompted to make it the default FTP client. You should choose to do this. If you are not prompted, or Cyberduck is not used as the FTP client when attempting to perform a file transfer to a Controller, go to the Preferences in Cyberduck and under the FTP tab, there is a 'Default Protocol Handler' option. Set this to Cyberduck.


Further Reference

Above information was taken from the Mosaic Designer on-board manual. Follow this link to access the manual's File Transfer section: CLICK HERE

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