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KiNET Discovery within Mosaic Designer 1.0

Discovery of KiNET devices within Mosaic Designer 1.0 can sometimes prove difficult. Collisions often occur when all devices attempt to speak to Designer at once, causing Designer to receive no or incorrect data. When working with KiNET power supplies, you should use Philips’ PCK Quick Play Pro to configure and address the power supplies. The software is available directly from Philips’ website at: 

Once you have the IP address of the PSU set to the correct range, Mosaic Designer should discover the devices without issue. In Mosaic Designer, navigate to the “Patch” tab and select your KiNET universe, then click “Discover” and choose the appropriate Network if asked. A green bar will appear to indicate that the software is in the process discovering KiNET devices on the network, once the process is complete, click on the “Show Discovered” devices to see a list of all discovered devices on the network.

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