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Custom Scripts in Mosaic Designer 2


I need to create a specific event or action that can be called via a trigger, however, none of the pre-built triggers with Mosaic Designer do what I need.


Mosaic Designer uses the LUA programming language to achieve custom solutions to unique Mosaic triggering issues. Mosaic's on board help, accessed via the Question Mark icon in the upper left toolbar, offers extensive documentation and examples of the supported LUA functions. Should you require assistance in writing and building your script, please contact ETC technical services. Please note, scripting often requires a several day lead time, so please allot for an appropriate amount time.


  1. Contact ETC Technical Services (800-688-4116) or (
  2. Provide the configuration and the what you need the script to achieve.
  3. Provide a deadline of when you need the work completed by.
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