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How To Add A Delay/Wait In A MosaicDesigner 2 Trigger


I would like my trigger to take x amount of seconds before activating an action. How can I add this delay to my trigger?


Within the pre-installed I/O Modules in MosaicDesigner 2, a "Wait" module is available for download and to be added to your show.

Downloading a new module requires Internet access to reach the appropriate server. 

Please follow the steps below when adding "Wait" into your showfile.

Downloading The Module

  1. Navigate to the Triggers page and click the "Scripts & Modules" button at the top of the page.
  2. At the bottom of the page, select the Modules tab.
  3. Expand the Unused Modules and highlight the "Wait" module.
  4. Click "New" in the right column to add the module instance to your configuration.
    1. You will need to name this instance and hit enter.
    2. The module will now appear under the Project Modules browser tree in the left column.


Adding A Wait Action

​​​​​​​Once you have downloaded the "Wait" module, it will become an option under your list of available actions in a trigger. 

  1. Create a new trigger.
  2. Add a "Wait" trigger action.
  3. Edit the action's seconds to change the wait time.
  4. Change the trigger number value to match the trigger you wish to advance to after the wait concludes.

You cannot add the "Wait" action into the same trigger you are wishing to delay. This will create an endless loop. Please use two different triggers to achieve your desired result. 

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