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How Track Color Picker Changes on Faders Using Variables in Mosaic Designer 2


I have 3 faders (one for red, one for green, and one for blue) that I would like to match the RGB values I have chosen for my fixtures on a color picker. How can I link the color picker and these RGB faders together? 

Creating a Color Picker Trigger 

Begin by creating a "Touch Color Change" trigger. You will want an action to "Set RGB" values for your desired group of fixtures AND you will want 3 "Set Touch Control Value" actions that are assigned to three different variables. 

Trigger Color Pickers.JPG

In the example above: Red will be Variable 1, Green will be Variable 2, and Blue will be Variable 3. 

Identifying Variables in the Color Picker Trigger

                    Color Picker 1.JPG    

  The Color Picker being referenced in this trigger is called "colour001." This is also the Variable name for the entire Color Picker. 

  The Variable next to Red, Green, and Blue can be defined in the boxes to the right of a color's Variable column. 

Creating Triggers for Fader Movements

We must now create 3 different triggers (one per fader) that give the faders abilities to alter RGB values and change the current color on Color Picker 1 to match these new values. 

3 variables RGB.JPG

As pictured below:

It should be noted, that a fader controlling only Red should ONLY have the Red variable enabled (or check marked). Use this rule for Green and Blue appropriately as well. 


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