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How to setup UDP strings in Mosaic Designer 2


I want to set up my Mosaic Controller running v2.x to accept UDP strings. How do I set this up in Mosaic Designer 2?


Setting up UDP strings in Mosaic is easy, made simpler by the fact you can define your own strings. There is no pre-defined structure the UDP strings need to be formatted.

  1. Open your project in Mosaic Designer 2.
  2. Click on the Network tab, and select your Mosaic controller, and then click the Interfaces tab on the right side of the program.
  3. In the "Ethernet" section choose one of the fives busses, define its type as UDP, and the port number over which string is being sent:
  4. Click on the Trigger tab, and add a new "Ethernet Input" trigger.
    1. Give the trigger a name, set the source to the bus you defined in step 3 above, and define the string. Next define if the string is ASCII, Hex, or Decimal. In the example below the sending device needs to send "Timeline 1 Start" without quotes, and a carriage return to start this trigger:
    2. Define the other trigger options according to the needs of the project
  5. Define the action of the newly created trigger as desired
  6. Save the project, upload, and test.
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