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Mosaic Designer - Ethernet Input Triggers - Difference between 1 and 10 and 100 in a string


Ethernet String Input Trigger is looking for this string:  Start_Timeline_1

This works but when we use another trigger that uses this string, it won't work:  Start_Timeline_10

Explanation of Issue

The reason the string ending in 10 doesn't work is because it contains all the elements of the string ending in 1 so the trigger associated with 1 will execute.  This is likely because the trigger with string ending in 1 is higher in the trigger list and is absorbed.  Triggers are absorbed by default.

When a string comes in, Mosaic starts at the top and works it way down the list until it finds a match.  After it finds a match it stops and doesn't go down the list anymore.

If we deselect (uncheck) Absorbed in the properties of the trigger, now both triggers will execute, which we still do not want.


  1. The quick solution is to move the trigger with the string ending in 1 to the bottom of the trigger list.
  2. The better solution is to make sure all incoming strings use two or three digits and all the zeros are spelled out in both the trigger list and the incoming string.
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