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I/O Module Issues and Mosaic Designer 2.0


Projects containing I/O modules can sometimes cause controllers to reboot.

Explanation of Issue

Mosaic Designer 2.4.0 introduced I/O Modules which allowed customers to expand the functionality of their projects without the need to write custom scripts. Recently the development team has identified an memory leak within the I/O module framework. This memory leak has the potential cause a controller's memory to fill up which inturn causes the controller to reboot. Based on the rate memory leak it is expected that a reboot would occur every two weeks.


  1. Edit the Mosaic project to include a daily reboot of the controller.
    1. This can be achieved by creating a trigger that automates this action.One.png
      1. The above image contains two examples of automated reboot actions. Please keep in mind that while a controller is rebooting output will stop and any log files from the controller will be wiped
  2. This bug was resolved in version 2.7.5 of Mosaic Designer, released in spring of 2020.


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