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I Can't Use "Output Live" in Mosaic Designer 2


My computer is connected to the network but I can't select "Output Live". It is grayed out.

I have selected "Output Live", but I am getting partial or no output to the fixtures.  


If the "Output Live" option is grayed out, but you can see your controller is online in the Network Tab, make sure you upload your configuration.  If you have made any changes, upload again.  "Output Live" is only available if you are correctly in sync with your controller.

If "Output Live" is selectable but is only giving you control of some of the system, or none of the system, you may have a filter applied.  You will need to remove any unwanted filters.  Filters will remove that which it is applied from the output.  For example, if you apply a filter by group and select a group, then that group will be removed from the ouput.


  1. To Upload your configuration to sync Mosaic Designer 2 with the Mosaic Controller; 
    1. Navigate to the Network Tab
    2. Select the controller
    3. Click on "Upload" in the toolbar at the top of the screen.
  2. To remove any/all unwanted filters from Live Output; 
    1. Select the "Output Live Control" icon just to the left of the "Output Live" icon.
    2. Set Filters to "none" to remove all filters; or properly set the filter to remove what you don't want control of but to leave what you do.
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